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I have implemented this plugin


I have this IP subnet of /64
how can i use this script to add it to server?

Can i change the code in the ipv6_list.php to

<select name="ipv6range">
<option value="64">64</option>
<option value="112">112</option>
<option value="120">120</option>

If my ip rrange is:
1a01:4f8:221:34c2:: / 64
can i just input:
in the input field and chose the dropdown and 120?

I dont need 65000 adresses, only 256 and that would be more than needed.

Aalso when i try this and go to assign IP the dropdown only lists 1 field, should the complete range be visible?

it just says:
and thats the only field/line

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this module only works with /112 so you will need to modify the file

 nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

to subnet your network to a /112 prefix

You will need to add something like :
IPV6ADDR=2a01:4f8:c17:1b52::1/112  // only an example

then do

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager


ip addr show eth0

to see the changes

this is translated copy in English


I didn't test the module on live servers yet.


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