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Best Hosting providers for CWP - Control Web Panel

Sandeep B.

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Here are the list of best and cheap hosting providers for CWP - Control Web Panel, some hosting provider will allow emails some are not choose correct one as per your requirements :

This are not sponsored or affiliated URLs, this are added honestly in the list after using them with CWP. Below are all providing KVM server.

ALSO don't go with opnvz/lxc container based vps servers as they have many limitations.



They provides KVM and semi dedicated servers starting from 2.99$ and you can easily upgrade it via contacting the support. They have unlocked SMTP port 25 and providing ipv6 and ipv4 addresses, if you didn't get ipv6 ip you can request them to add it and it will be added by the support agent. If you wish to Purchase extra IPv4 then the cost is very low per month. They also have wide varieties of Latest Linux OS and having there own data centers. They provide unmetered Bandwidth at 1Gbps suitable for any CMS. I've personally using them for years (previously they are servercheap.net). CWP runs stable there.

Second :


Hetzner is Germany based hosting provider they have CLoud VPS and Dedicated servers at very cheap rates, also they are providing ARM vps server at very low rates. IF you wish to go with them always choose AMD series cpu as they are performing very well in my test environments. They don't allow email sending as SMTP port 25 is blocked by default. You need Valid photo ID in order to use them as server provider. Prices are unbeatable.

Third :


OVH have all the server options like dedicated and cloud VPS private and public they also provide ipv4 and ipv6 addresses, Recently they have some tragedy of burned down of there server rooms which caused many data losses probably they are doing regular maintenance of there server equipment and hardware. There IP are already listed in some RBL and not recommend to use them as EMAIL server, if you're thinking to go with them go for it as they provide genuine resources and they also have DDOS protected Network and complete transparency in term of uptime. Medium to high price VPS and dedicated servers.

Fourth :


Contabo is also a Germany based hosting provider, They also have dedicated server and VPS server also they are know for providing high RAM and DISK allocation under VPS. I used them for 2 month but not happy with the server performance its lagging a lot for me probably I've been allocated a bad node in busy host server i.e. there are lots of noisy neighbors 🙂, there network is stable as in there I didn't had any issues. Also they provides SSD disk with vps server but you'll surprise to know that they limits the disk speed i.e. you'll barely get full ssd speed. They have unlocked email port 25 and you can use them as email only server. They provide both ipv4 and ipv6 network. Price is low but they will ask One time setup fees.

Fifth :

You can go with Digital Ocean or VULTR I personally don't like them to use as main server (due to high costs) there smaller vps are good for VPN and development tasks and they don't allow email sending from the server. IF you're looking for particular server regions they have wide varieties of locations and datacenters in the world. They do provide private ip, ipv4 and ipv6.


Here are some VPS/dedicated server providers which you can use with CWP, choose them for stability and performance, I'll recommend you to go with Hetzner or Cloudfanatic. Comment below with your current hosting provider


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19 minutes ago, sarikatel said:

Hi Sandeep

Do you suggested any best & cheap for window hosting Vps ? for RDP etc.


Regards & thanks

Ravinder kumar


Windows VPS are not cheap instead buy RDP from https://webpundits.in/
clearance sales : 

they are best provider for RDP but the activation time is longer sometime you've to wait 24 hrs.

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I have used these

  • hetzner
    • i have the Intel® Core™ i9-13900 with 64 GB DDR5 ECC and 2tb nvme ssd. IT is FAST and i can have a good amount of customers on this server. i have had like 6 months with 8TB monthly traffic and it has no problem with that. i really like the storagebox backup that hetzner has. if i will need more servers i would go for one at hetzner. i also have a VPS at hetzner.
  • ovh
    • The server i got was probably a few years old when i got it and i had several incidents where disk or RAM failed. Causing downtime, Also they were relatively pricy if you look at hetzner
  • digital ocean
    • good for small vps if you want something small and cointained to its own "server" Not bad prices
  • vps.net
    • good support ok prices. scalability is really good.


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