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Custom templates for hostname.conf and hostname-ssl.conf

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I would like to customize the hostname.conf and hostname-ssl.conf template files for HTTPD.  However, it appears that these are assigned by default by CWP for the hostname, but there is no way to change these assignments to custom templates from the admin panel interface as far as I can tell.  It is only possible to change templates as a general default in WebServers Main Conf (where custom templates are not displayed as an option), or under WebServers Domain Conf (where only hosted domain configurations are available).

I would like to use custom templates if possible rather than editing hostname.conf and hostname-ssl.conf from WebServers Conf Editor to avoid overwrites during updates.  Is there an option I'm missing to do that?


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I've been using Certbot with the Cloudflare DNS option for the hostname certs and a different cert storage location than the template.  It gets overwritten on hostname rebuilds or potentially some updates, so it would be nice to have a custom template.

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On 3/5/2024 at 8:58 AM, Sandeep B. said:

hi why do you want to change the hostname template ? are you hosting anything on the hostname subdomain?

I think i have scrapped this idea already

i made a new standard/default page that i wanted to host there, but i just used the chattr +i index.html so it wont be overwritten, that would be easier


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