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Is there a way or place in CWP i can view a list of all accounts and what PHP version they are using,
i have a few/several sites that are PHP7.4 now and i dont want to open every site in the control panel and change the site to PHP8.3

Also i cannot upgrade ALL sites to php 8.3 because they dont support it yet.

If needed how can i write a plugin to make it happen`?

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This is what i came up with:

Search for PHP 7.4

grep -r "74" /home/*/.conf/webservers/

Search for PHP 8.2

grep -r "82" /home/*/.conf/webservers/

Displaying all versions

grep -r "php-fpm_ver" /home/*/.conf/webservers/


I did not find that file/folder in all accounts. I dont know why

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