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Replace rsyslog with Syslog-ng - System Logging Next Generation in CWP, Centos, Almalinux, Rockylinux

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In this tutorial we'll learn how you can replace rsyslog with Syslog-ng (System Logging Next Generation) this tutorial will also help if for some reason rsyslog is not working in your server you can relace it with Syslog-ng , it is an open-source, highly configurable, and flexible log management tool. It is used for collecting, processing, and storing log messages from various sources in a centralized location. Syslog-ng is an enhanced replacement for the traditional syslogd service and offers more advanced features and capabilities.

Key features of syslog-ng include:

  1. Log Collection: Syslog-ng can collect log messages from a wide range of sources, including local log files, remote hosts, network devices, applications, and more. It supports various log message formats, making it versatile for handling different types of logs.
  2. Log Routing and Filtering: With syslog-ng, you can define sophisticated log routing and filtering rules based on message content, source, facility, severity, or other criteria. This allows you to route specific logs to different destinations and filter out irrelevant or sensitive information.
  3. Log Transformation: Syslog-ng can modify log messages before storing or forwarding them. You can perform tasks like adding or removing fields, enriching log data, or anonymizing sensitive information to comply with data privacy regulations.
  4. Reliable Log Transport: Syslog-ng ensures reliable log transport with features like TLS encryption, message acknowledgment, and retransmission mechanisms. This helps prevent log message loss and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of log data during transit.
  5. Centralized Log Management: By sending logs to a centralized server, you can easily monitor, search, and analyze log data from multiple sources in one location. This simplifies log analysis and troubleshooting processes.
  6. Integration with SIEMs and Big Data Solutions: Syslog-ng can integrate with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems and big data solutions like Elasticsearch, enabling you to leverage advanced analytics and visualization capabilities for log data.
  7. High Performance and Scalability: Syslog-ng is designed to handle a large volume of log data efficiently and can scale to meet the needs of enterprise-level environments.
  8. Community and Enterprise Editions: Syslog-ng is available in both community and enterprise editions. The community edition is free and open-source, while the enterprise edition provides additional features, support, and commercial licensing options.

Step 1 :

Remove rsyslog

yum remove rsyslog

** for centos 8 and above you can also use dnf in place of yum

Step 2 : 

Install epel repo and syslog-ng

yum install epel-release -y
yum install syslog-ng

** for centos 8 and above you can also use dnf in place of yum

Step 3 :

Enable syslog-ng service and start the service : 

systemctl enable syslog-ng
systemctl start syslog-ng

That's it syslog-ng is now enabled and working check the /var/log/messages

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