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How to install Lets Encrypt SSL in Hestia CP hostname, admin control panel and for Email Server

Sandeep B.

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In this tutorial We'll install Lets Encrypt free SSL in Hestia Control panel, so you can access the admin panel in https also for mail server and hostname.

The developers built an easy script for it, you need to run the bwlo command to get the ssl installed for hostname, email server and hestia admin panel

Step 1

Choose a valid Hostname i.e it should be the subdomain of your main domain example


** ensure whatever you choose as a hostname url you should have valid A record DNS pointing to the server ip

Step 2

Change the hostname :

v-change-sys-hostname server1.domain.tld

Step 3 : 

Install Lets encrypt ssl for hostname : 


this script will add ssl to everywhere now check the admin panel : https://server1.domain.tld:8083 it should be opening with proper ssl certs.

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