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Enable and install WDDX extension in PHP 7.4

Sandeep B.

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In this tutorial we’ll install WDDX php extension in php 7.4. This extension is DEPRECATED and REMOVED as of PHP 7.4. Lets find what is WDDX ? – WDDX (Web Distributed Data eXchange) is a programming language-, platform- and transport-neutral data interchange mechanism designed to pass data between different environments and different computers.

No worry we can still install WDDX extension in php 7.4 follow this easy guide to this :Step 1 :

Building and installing WDDX php extension :

Step 1 :

wget https://github.com/php/pecl-text-wddx/archive/master.zip -O wddx.zip
unzip wddx.zip
cd pecl-text-wddx-master
make install



** find the proper path for phpize and add prefix for the php-config eg :
suppose you’ve installed php in /opt/alt/php/ then replace this

./configure --with-php-config=/opt/alt/php/usr/bin/php-config

Step 2 :

Enabling WDDX php extension
In php.ini add this following line to enable WDDX :


Restart apache/php-fpm/php-handler service done.

Step 3 :

Check wddx is installed correctly and loaded via this command :

php -m | grep wddx

If loaded successfully then result will look like :

[root@mysterydata]# php -m | grep wddx

Or check via php info page

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