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SSH access to hosting clients - Security measures

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Hi - I have enabled Apaxche/NGINX/Varnish/PHP-FPM with Redis, Mongo, PGSQL, NodeJs and Memcached on the server. 

I want to provide SSH access to the clients for them to run CLI commands. What security controls should i establish on the server to harden before providing SSH access? 


I understand REDIS etc. might require specific hardening before providing SSH access to end clients. Kindly advise. 

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Thank you very much Sandeep. I was able to enable the jailkit for ssh access. 

How do i add additional command binaries such as nano, composer, php artisan(laravel) and wp cli commands to the list of commands allowed. which jk_lsh file need to be changed for this?

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jk_cp -k -j /home/jail/username /usr/bin/nano
jk_cp -k -j /home/jail/username /usr/local/bin/php
jk_cp -k -j /home/jail/username /usr/bin/clear
jk_cp -k -j /home/jail/usernamem /usr/bin/composer

you can do it like upper example 

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